RedKey is a software system for manufacturing business and operations management. RedKey models precisely the business workflow in its integrity – from creating a quote and sales order to manufacturing and accounting.

Fundamental answers that RedKey will give you:

  • What and how many materials are required for completion of all sales orders.
  • Estimated date for completing a manufacturing and/or sales order.
  • Cost of manufactured goods.
  • Complete overview of current inventory.
  • What are the liabilities to customers and from suppliers at any given time?

RedKey offers improvements over the previous version in every aspect possible. Straight form our new Start Screen you will be able to access the following and many more great new features:

  • Powerful new way of defining Bill of Material.
  • Complex technology definition which allows great variety in manufacturing strategies.
  • Build in formula engine helps perform user-defined calculations
  • Integrated Quality Assurance system
  • Manufacturing Dashboard: schedule and track all of your manufacturing operations from one single screen
  • Integrated document management system